Terms and conditions

the agreemen becomes valid when the application form has been submitted to Yogastudio Breda.

The tuitonfees are paid in the first week of your membership options of 13 weeks, 26 weeks  or 52 weeks.
In case of non-payment, a written reminder will be issued. If the deadline for payment is not respected, the student will be held accountability for unpaid tuition fees and any costs involved to collect tuition fees.
Yogastudio Breda has the right to raise prices on a yearly bases.

Yogastudio Breda is open all year exept for July and August (summerschedule) 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year (last week December/first week January), Good Friday, Carnaval, 2 days over Easter, Kingsbirthday, Ascention day.

Missed classes
If you have missed classes due to holidays, illness or other reasons they still have to be paid. You can make up for the missed classes. Which means following extra classes in the term of your option of membership.

Termination of the agreement
Cancellation of the agreement has to be submitted in writing. You should observe 1 month before cancellation. If you cancel without writen notification, tuition fees will continue. 

Eventhough great care is taken, the yogastudio is not responsible for any physical harm or material losses